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 Post subject: Voltron MC - what's it like to ride?
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:26 pm 

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Danny Pottage is our rider. Here’s a few words that he put together about his experiences with the bike:

The questions I get asked the most. What’s it like to ride? How do you know how fast you are going without noise? Is it strange not having a clutch? What’s the range?

Firstly approaching the bike you notice that it looks amazing. The workmanship and thought that was put into this is beyond anything I could dream of doing. From the beautiful Trellis frame, the ingenious shock linkage to the simplicity of a big electric motor and an enclosed clear waterproof battery box showing off all the neat wiring. The bike is beautiful and well thought out. When people see the bike they love it. There are always the questions of ‘why didn’t you…….’ And Chris always has a very good answer of why not and why it was done like this.

Throw a leg over in the pits and close your eyes and it feels like any other race bike. It’s a little wide in the seat and tank, a little heavy and the COG feels a little higher than normal but all in all there are no surprises. The brakes and throttle are in the normal positions as are the bars and foot pegs but yes there is no clutch or gears.

Turn the key on, Push the starter and she roars into life with the sweet sound of nothing. If you listen carefully you can hear a 12v water pump and that’s about it. Turn the throttle and find that you take off smoothly and without any jerking or lurching and you already start to think not having a clutch is not so bad. As you roll through the pits expect a lot of double looks, stares and a grin or a thumbs up from those in the know as the quiet bike glides past.

The fun begins as you exit pit lane and take the first series of corners, rolling on and off you realise you have direct control over the rate of acceleration. Want to go quicker? Roll on more, that’s all there is to it. Power delivery is as smooth and precise as you could imagine. There is no waiting for the revs to come into the sweet spot, you’re always in it. There is no lag, no snatch from closed to cracked throttle, no vibration from the motor, nothing at all, just smooth acceleration whenever you turn the throttle. There’s a perfect connection between what you ask for and what it delivers.

Line it up on the straight and it really delivers. The ramp up rate is set so as long as you are smooth it’ll just take the weight off the front wheel enough to be skimming all the way along the straight as you struggle to hold on whilst your accelerating at almost 1g We have measured repeatedly on the GPS 0-200kph in 7.1 seconds. It hauls.

It’s old school riding, no wheelie control, no traction control, nothing. If you want to spin the wheel you can, pour on too much on corner exit and it’ll lift the front but it’s all so smooth and tractable it is really easy to control and by now you have completely forgot about the clutch or the gears because you simply don’t need them. It’s in the right gear all the time. Engine or regenerative braking is tuneable so we have it so it decelerates like a 1000cc in 4th gear just to steady the rear.

Coming into corners you notice the weight, It simply hasn’t had the millions of dollars nor the years of development the current superbikes have had so you do have to brake a bit early and slow a bit more for the corners but that’s no to say it’s that bad, we can still get it lent over and around a track at a decent pace.

The lack of noise is quickly forgotten, you can feel the grip so much more because the motor is not vibrating and you concentrate on the feel, the rush of speed is still the same and before you know it you simply don’t even notice that the noise is missing.

We have the range to complete an 8 lap race of our local track which is what the local Superbikes do and more than enough for our EFX-C races so that’s all we want. A WSBK team won’t carry more fuel than necessary and it’s the same thing. We have a bigger battery if we need it that will do a fair bit more but it also weighs a fair bit more so we rarely use it. A charge takes about 90-120minutes so we are usually out almost every session on a tuning day like any other bike.

Am I now a one eyed electric convert? I still drive a petrol car as I need the range for country trips to work and although I see the advantages of electric power my inner cave man does like the feel of the top fuel drag cars shaking the earth doing a 4 second pass. The power delivery and smoothness is the biggest advantage for me. Internal combustion engine makers would dream of the power delivery and torque curve that we have on this bike. The simplicity and lack of maintenance is great, it’s strangely satisfying watching racers do clutch or oil changes in the pits as we sit with the bike and warmers plugged in and only need to lube the chain. Come to think of it, I haven’t taken my CBR600RR to the track in some time.

Full article from here: http://voltronmotorcycles.com/2015/04/w ... e-to-ride/

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